Scotty teases Kirk, Tim Russ does not have pointed ears, Chekov makes nurses out of some reporters (and why are there so damn many reporters on a ship with no medical staff? If you have time to arrange a press conference you have time to grab some pre-med students), and Data has feels and sings… Read More

Kirk goes to prison (and makes out with a female prisoner the same evening), Uhura does not speak Klingon, and Scotty’s Starship-sense is so keen he can detect spacesuits in an air vent from the other end of a long room. Also nice of Kirk to finally realise he’s been a racist prick and just… Read More

So… this is a bit big and horribly misshapen.I blame my dodgy gauge-consistency, they fit perfectly around the arm… I suppose i could start over completely with the same pattern, but honestly i don’t want gloves THIS long anyway. I went for this pattern because it was part of the Evernote challenge but it’s a… Read More

in which Spock has a bearded brother of dangerous morals, the goddamn ship navigator and helmsman manage to get hopelessly lost while hiking, Uhura does a striptease, and Spock out-badasses a Klingon. also what the hell, the captions on this DVD refer to the marshmallow as a marshmallowitbut noAWKWARD VULCAN SAY MARSHMELON See more progress… Read More