The theme for Illustration Friday this week is ‘pattern’. And i recently found out about Spoonflower, one of about a billion print-on-demand companies – the unique thing about Spoonflower being, their product is fabric. I wonder if Spoonflower will be seeing a sudden increase in customers this week, or if i’m the only one to… Read More

There’s a 1001 Day Project which keeps catching my attention, and which i know full well i should avoid. The basic idea is to do 101 things you wouldn’t normally do over the course of 1001 days. I come up with enough ridiculous ideas without trying to cram over a hundred of them into a… Read More

I’m starting to plan my novel for National Novel Writing Month, aka “the greatest time of the year, evar.” NaNoWriMo is a crazy month of creative explosion followed by a month-long high of “wow, i did something totally impossible. It sucked, but i did it.” Christmas, by comparison, is a mere day of family and… Read More