There’s a 1001 Day Project which keeps catching my attention, and which i know full well i should avoid. The basic idea is to do 101 things you wouldn’t normally do over the course of 1001 days. I come up with enough ridiculous ideas without trying to cram over a hundred of them into a not-quite-three-year-period, thankyouverymuch.

Still… the idea intrigues me. No matter how many times the smart, logical part of my brain says, ‘You’re already illustrating a book. And writing a book – three, in fact, during that time. Aren’t a few big projects enough? You have to add ninety-seven little extras?’

Then the more irrational part of my brain notices the local airport still offers flying lessons, currently promoted with the tagline ‘Who’s that lady pilot?’, and ‘learn to fly’ gets added to the list i keep telling myself i’m not making.

Maybe i should learn to drive a car first, though.