Those of us who believe the universe was created by some divine force can all agree the Creator is, well, creative, right? How about nurturing? Zie’s at least guided things along a bit, which is more than a neglectful Divinity would. Having a knowledge of hidden things, another given. The ordering of the solar system… Read More

There’s plenty of articles about achieving your goals. Finding time to achieve those goals. Calculating just how much (or how little) money you need to achieve your goals. Less common are articles on figuring out whether a goal is worth working toward or not to begin with. This is possibly the most important part of… Read More

I’m working my way through the Art of Manliness 30 Days to a Better Man series. (Whether a butch neutrois counts as a ‘man’ or not is up for debate, but despite its heteronormative writing style, most of AoM is applicable regardless of sex/gender.) And Day Three has me stuck. Day One – ‘Define your… Read More