Adoptive Dads recently mentioned a new law in Italy prohibiting prospective adoptive parents from trying to choose the ethnicity of their children. Kind of leads one to wonder just how diverse a nation Italy is… I mentioned in a comment there it might be a good law for a country which is diverse, but i… Read More

I found one of my old diaries this week. It’s mostly from 2001, but there’s one entry dated 2003. My fake-whiny-depressive-emo years. Yeah, i was one of those kids. Even if i’d written every day, i doubt i’d have any accurate records of that time of my life, because i was busy making every problem… Read More

A little speedpainting of the place i used to play when i was a kid, which wasn’t quite in my da’s backyard. I moved around stuff to fit all my favourite things in the picture, but i’m pretty surprised by how well i remember everything, even though i haven’t been back in years. I’ve read… Read More

There’s a 1001 Day Project which keeps catching my attention, and which i know full well i should avoid. The basic idea is to do 101 things you wouldn’t normally do over the course of 1001 days. I come up with enough ridiculous ideas without trying to cram over a hundred of them into a… Read More