Adoptive Dads recently mentioned a new law in Italy prohibiting prospective adoptive parents from trying to choose the ethnicity of their children. Kind of leads one to wonder just how diverse a nation Italy is…

I mentioned in a comment there it might be a good law for a country which is diverse, but i can’t imagine it being a good idea in the US because we still have too many racist communities. The community i currently live in is a perfect example. Bad place to raise a non-white child.

So yes, if i were to start the adoption process today, living here, i would ask for a white child. I prefer to avoid putting any child in a situation like a non-white one would live in here.

The next logical question, though, is how good is it for a white child to be raised in a racist community? How non-racist can a child become when he’s raised among adults who consider racism to be acceptable? Of course, we can’t go so far as to turn ‘you can’t adopt because your neighbours are unethical’ into law, but it is yet another issue to deal with.