So… this is a bit big and horribly misshapen.
I blame my dodgy gauge-consistency, they fit perfectly around the arm…

I suppose i could start over completely with the same pattern, but honestly i don’t want gloves THIS long anyway. I went for this pattern because it was part of the Evernote challenge but it’s a bit late to finish in time… so i’m free to grab whatever pattern i want.
Unfortunately every fingerless glove pattern i’ve found (beyond this one) is too lacy (no) or requires sewing, which i do not like.

I don’t suppose it’ll be overly difficult to revise a tubular pattern to be done in the round instead of requiring sewing, at least not the ones with thumb holes instead of full thumbs. Join it up anyway and reverse the pattern for even rows, except for the thumb-hole-rows which would be done according to pattern. That should work.

Or i could just do something else entirely for my learn-to-crochet project and knit the damn gloves.

Unrelated to above griping: after knitting for about five years, i am finally getting around to starting a Ravelry account. Which… okay, not entirely unrelated to above griping, i did it because i heard their pattern database is amazing. Which it is. I may end up making these awesome gauntlets at some point. And i did indeed find a gaming glove ‘pattern’ which is more a how-to-make-your-own-pattern thing but it doesn’t look impossibly difficult to figure out.