How I did it: Bought a copy of The Happy Hooker, did a few practice stitches, and then tried to make a fingerless glove.Emphasis on ‘tried’ because the first glove came out more like a mutilated oven mitt. But i found another pattern via Ravelry and it worked out much better. Now i have a… Read More

So… this is a bit big and horribly misshapen.I blame my dodgy gauge-consistency, they fit perfectly around the arm… I suppose i could start over completely with the same pattern, but honestly i don’t want gloves THIS long anyway. I went for this pattern because it was part of the Evernote challenge but it’s a… Read More

…it took me six days to make this little thing. But five of those were spent doing it horribly wrong, now I’ve got it right (or at least differently wrong) it’s going faster. So whether or not I actually have new gloves by the end of the month is still unknown. See more progress on:… Read More

Picked up Happy Hooker and a crochet hook yesterday. Book: ‘Crochet is easier than knitting.’one hour later‘Book’s a damn liar.’finally get the first row done‘This is like a double-loop thing for every stitch how is it easier.’one row later‘Hey actually this isn’t so bad after all.’three rows later‘Wait why do I only have half as… Read More