Because why not. I haven’t really been counting how many different types of meals i’ve cooked, but i have been cooking since going vegetarian. AND ENJOYING IT. what.I even developed my own vegan whole-wheat soda bread recipe when i couldn’t find one i liked elsewhere. Gettin’ all creative here. It somehow just occurred to me… Read More

Three sacred respects: respect for the World, respect for Others, respect for Self It covers everything i consider important to at least a slight degree, it’s quick and simple enough for me to remember under any circumstances, and who can argue against a triad format? I kind of wanted to make it a three-triad code… Read More

First go, i don’t think i put enough pressure on the squeegee, and there were just a few streaks of ink in my print.Next two tries, it was just a bit inconsistent. Fourth try… well, i’m counting it as good even though it doesn’t look it. I’m learning using a cheap-and-dirty screenprinting kit, figuring it’s enough… Read More