How I did it: I have a set of ogham staves, but i didn’t use them for practice at first – i put three new letters a day into an Anki deck and then started pulling a stave every day once the deck was half-finished. And, of course, reviewed the deck every day. I still… Read More

The Holy Qur'an in Today's English

I’m not particularly fond of paying for books which have been around for centuries, translations or no, so ‘free version’ is kind of what i’d prefer for the Quran. Unfortunately most of the free versions i’ve found (e.g. on Manybooks) have a whole host of comments degrading them as poor translations. The exception is Three… Read More

…okay, technically a few days are only half-done, they have been more or less impossible to do so far, but there are Serious Plans to do them at some point, whereas before there were no such plans, so i’m counting them done. I may follow this up with 31 Life Skills in 31 Days during… Read More

Today’s DBM task is creating a bucket list.Does my 101 list count? Heh. It doesn’t really feel like there’s much Big Major Life stuff on there but giving it a review… there’s publishing a novel and finishing the Druid grade. And on my 101-in-1001-round-three-WIP list there’s ‘travel the world’ and ‘adopt a child’ (…wow, those… Read More