Today’s DBM task is creating a bucket list.
Does my 101 list count? Heh.

It doesn’t really feel like there’s much Big Major Life stuff on there but giving it a review… there’s publishing a novel and finishing the Druid grade. And on my 101-in-1001-round-three-WIP list there’s ‘travel the world’ and ‘adopt a child’ (…wow, those are so not actually both getting done in the same three-year time span. It’s a WIP list for a reason.)

I guess it depends on what counts as BL-worthy. Does it need to be a life-changing event, like ‘join the Peace Corps’, or can it just be something one wants to do, like ‘learn quilling’? And what even counts as ‘life-changing’? Knowing how to crochet is maybe not such a big deal but y’all, i may very well never need to buy gloves again. (If you still think this is not a big deal i would like to point out i live in Pennsylvania.) Learning to play the flute may lead nowhere or it could lead to some sweet bardic accompaniments.

I’m just gonna chuck another handful of things on my next WIP list and count this a day.