Due to the not insubstantial chance of losing power, i spent this morning getting done everything which required electricity and this afternoon having a Star Trek marathon to finish off the films: Insurrection, Nemesis, and the newest Star Trek film. I find it a bit implausible for the metaphasic radiation in Insurrection to have given… Read More

How I did it: Bought a copy of The Happy Hooker, did a few practice stitches, and then tried to make a fingerless glove.Emphasis on ‘tried’ because the first glove came out more like a mutilated oven mitt. But i found another pattern via Ravelry and it worked out much better. Now i have a… Read More

Troi gets drunk, Lily gets her first ray gun, and Data gets skin and flirts with a Borg. I ended up just listening to the last fifteen minutes of this on ListenToAMovie.com, because my disc copy is a bit fried. But i’ve seen it before so i don’t think i’m missing much (except maybe captions.… Read More

Scotty teases Kirk, Tim Russ does not have pointed ears, Chekov makes nurses out of some reporters (and why are there so damn many reporters on a ship with no medical staff? If you have time to arrange a press conference you have time to grab some pre-med students), and Data has feels and sings… Read More