favourite bit of acting: the look on Scott’s face when he’s reassigned to Excelsiorhe is clearly thinking ‘I have started barroom brawls with Klingons over far less, Admiral, do. not. take. my. Enterprise.’roughly the same look as when the Excelsior captain brags about how they’re going to break Enterprise’s speed recordspolite smile and grit teeth… Read More

This is the Trek film for lit nerds. Moby Dick meets A Tale of Two Cities and they are not shy about the parallels between the books and the film. Majel Barret is not the computer voice in this one. I find the lack of Majel… disconcerting. She just is the computer. Also: never before… Read More

Been a while since i saw this one… at least ten years, seeing as ten years ago i started studying Russian but this time i was surprised to hear T’Pau pronouncing Spock’s name as ‘Спох’ when speaking Vulcan. All i really remembered about this was sexy pain-absorbing celibate bald punches-through-walls woman, Spock showing up late for… Read More

How I did it: I haven’t been a big meat-eater lately anyway so it was mostly just a matter of getting in the habit of checking the list of ingredients of *everything* for things like gelatin (relevant: vegan marshmallows exist) and not caving in to the occasional chilli craving (at least, not traditional chilli. Vegetarian… Read More