How I did it: I haven’t been a big meat-eater lately anyway so it was mostly just a matter of getting in the habit of checking the list of ingredients of *everything* for things like gelatin (relevant: vegan marshmallows exist) and not caving in to the occasional chilli craving (at least, not traditional chilli. Vegetarian chilli is awesome.)

Lessons & tips: I live in an area with more Jews than vegetarians and a vegetarian section of the grocery store is non-existent, but the kosher section is surprisingly useful. Kosher eating has rules against meat and dairy in the same meal, so many of the foods in the kosher section are vegetarian or parve (containing neither meat nor dairy) and everything which does contain meat is quite obvious about it. I found some great vegetarian chilli in the kosher section which my whole non-vegetarian family loved.

Resources: Eating Rules

It took me 3 weeks.

It made me

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