I kind of bombed my attempt at doing 101 things in 1001 days. (I also kind of quit caring about a good many items on the list early on, which didn’t help.) But I still like the idea so, here we go again.

Start date: 26 September 2012
~6-month update: 28 March 2013
End date: 24 June 2015

…autumn equilux is probably a bad time to start new projects. Ah well.

This list is one I started shortly after I made my original list, with the plan of collecting anything I wanted to do, so when it came time to actually start up I’d be culling down instead of tossing on random things I’d eventually change my mind on.

Of course once I cut out all the stuff I either don’t actually want to do at all or don’t want to do within the next three years, there was only about eighty things left, so tossing on some random stuff is gonna happen anyway.

    health & food

  1. Learn to cook 10 dishes – Half a point for learning to cook at all.
  2. Grow my own herbs – Originally this was ‘grow my own vegetables’ but uh. I haven’t even succeeded at basil yet. If I must do something which is going to turn out difficult I should at least aim for ‘slightly more likely than not’.
  3. Resume tracking what I eat so I can be sure I’m actually eating healthily – most of the individual foods I eat are healthy ones but it’s quite easy to eat only healthy foods and not actually have a balanced diet.
  4. Become a vegetarian meat-free since 26/09/12, marking this done 17/10/12 – I’ll count this as ‘done’ even if I only last a few weeks, because I know damn well (despite some radical vegetarians’ insistences to the contrary) that some people just can’t handle vegetarian diets no matter how healthy and protein-filled said diet is. That said, I don’t think I’m one of those people – I’m technically eating mostly vegetarian food now, it’s just not the healthiest of vegetarian foods. Then again, once I start up an NT diet it’s going to be harder to manage without meat. If I can’t pull off healthy + NT + vegetarian then vegetarian will be the first to drop and I’ll just do Meatless Mondays or something similar.
    Also I’m totally making an exception for haggis. Sorry sheep-lovers but let’s be honest here, I’m not one of those ‘meat is murder’ folk, I just happen to think all other things being equal, vegetarianism is a better choice. I only eat haggis once a year the way it is, it’s just going to continue to be a guilty pleasure.
  5. Walk to Mordor
  6. Get through the basic program of You Are Your Own Gym
  7. Run a 10K
  8. Finish an Ironman – I don’t mean like an ‘official’ Ironman, I just want to be able to do everything the Ironman requires in one go.
  9. Drink a beer in one sitting – maybe not the healthiest goal but I am determined to do it someday.
  10. gender

  11. Legally change my name
  12. Create and follow a ‘natural transitioning’ diet/exercise plan – I have low enough standards for masculinity for diet/exercise to maybe be enough. At any rate I want to try diet/exercise without supplements for at least six months or so before looking into supplements or hormone treatment so I can better monitor what’s going on with my body.
  13. language

    apparently I decided I wanted to learn all the languages over the past three years. This is the culled list. Definition of ‘learn X language’ for 101 purposes: fluent enough to read and mostly understand articles on topics I’m interested in. Truth be told if I only learn Welsh this well I will be satisfied, but I want to at least study the basics of the others.

  14. Chinese
  15. Esperanto
  16. German
  17. Irish Gaelic
  18. Italian
  19. Latin
  20. Norwegian
  21. Welsh
  22. Sign language – okay I can’t ‘read’ this one but I can watch vlogs of it.
  23. Russian – technically I already know a decent amount of Russian but I could use some brushing up on it.
  24. music

    because apparently I want to learn all the music, too. Biggest problem with these is going to be getting the instruments/lessons, my bodhráns are expensive enough… But with guitar at least, finding online learning resources is easy enough. And I learn best from books even for things like playing music. So maybe I’ll be able to learn all these instruments with cheap student-grade instruments and some ‘how to play’ books. I can dream, yeah? For 101 purposes the goal is to be able to play along with at least a few songs.

  25. Flute
  26. Guitar
  27. Harp
  28. Harmonica
  29. Bodhrán – this is like Russian in that technically I already know it but it could really use some improvement.
  30. books

  31. Read 52 books in one year
  32. Write 20 book reviews
  33. Write 10 essays the sort which my high-school English teachers liked to assign – I liked those essay assignments, okay, I actually really want to get back into them. (I still have my old ones from Lit of Evil.)
  34. Re-read the Bible – it’s been a while, and I never read the apocryphal books.
  35. Read the Quran
  36. Read all the Sherlock Holmes stories
  37. Read all Kurt Vonnegut’s books – I took Lit of Sci-Fi in high school and have yet to read anything by Vonnegut beyond Player Piano. There’s something wrong there. I should read more Heinlein too but I’ll start with Vonnegut.
  38. Read all Octavia Butler’s books
  39. Read 10 other books by POC. Preferably ones with POC characters.
  40. Read the 20 Best Young Adult Novels for Queer Girls – I am neither a teen nor a girl but I do know a queer teenage girl who likes to read – I give her books for her birthday/holidays and I like to read them in advance so I don’t accidentally give her something like Twilight (which… she read. and liked. but she’s not getting such rubbish from me.) If all twenty of these are good I’ll be sorted until she reaches adulthood.
  41. Read War and Peace – started once, never finished. I read quite a bit but this is the kind where you need an actual plan to finish it because damn. Big.
  42. BookCross 30 books
  43. miscellaneous skills

  44. Learn to read runes
  45. Learn a martial art
  46. Learn to raise one eyebrow
  47. Become ambidextrous
  48. Learn to swim
  49. Learn numerology
  50. Learn to crochet done 28/10/12
  51. Learn the constellations
  52. Learn astrology
  53. Learn to juggle
  54. Learn to screen print
  55. Learn reiki
  56. Learn Tai Chi
  57. Learn to skateboard
  58. Learn calligraphy
  59. Learn archery
  60. Learn to pole dance – this is not something many people of my gender do, but then again, neither is crochet. I don’t even plan on doing it for sexy dancing purposes, it just looks like a great workout. I must at least try it.
  61. Learn to see auras
  62. Learn hypnotism
  63. Learn to read lips
  64. Learn to read palms done 09/01/13
  65. Learn to read Ogham done 05/02/13
  66. Learn I Ching
  67. Learn to make ear cuffs
  68. Learn to make paper
  69. Learn acupressure
  70. miscellaneous projects

  71. Pay off my student loans
  72. Publish a novel
  73. Become a journalist – even an online glorified blogger of a journalist.
  74. Adopt a dog – presuming I can find one who is very very good with cats. And probably small. Data doesn’t seem to like dogs much but the only one’s he’s ever seen have been fairly big. At any rate the local shelter keeps records on how the animals act around other animals so I won’t accidentally bring a cat-hater home.
  75. Design a tarot deck
  76. Make a musical tarot out of 78 songs
  77. Write a will (including stuff on intellectual property)
  78. Donate trees to answer4earth.com
  79. Create a home office
  80. Try the 100 things challenge. ‘Book collection’ counts as one item because otherwise it will never happen.
  81. Start composting
  82. Give blood
  83. Build my own computer
  84. Become first aid certified
  85. Complete 30 Days to a Better Man done 30/11/12
  86. Become an artist model – if I can get top surgery I’ll do real-life modelling. Otherwise I’ll just rig up a home studio and take reference shots of myself. I’m no super photographer but I at least know enough to tell the difference between a high-quality photo and a bad one, and in art reference shots the only important thing is being able to see the whole body, so I think I can pull it off.
  87. Finish the Druid grade in OBOD – this requires finishing the Bard and Ovate grades as well. Also getting over my social anxiety enough to get and communicate with a tutor.
  88. Build a terrarium
  89. Articulate a personal code of ethics done 28/02/13
  90. Make 5 loans through Vittana
  91. Buy an animal for someone through Heifer International
  92. Learn my ethnic history
  93. Shoot a photo essay
  94. Write a mystery novel
  95. Create my own graphotherapy alphabet
  96. Get tested for APD and if i have it, get treatment
  97. Watch every Star Trek film done 29/10/12 – I’ve already seen most of them but there’s some I’ve missed.
  98. Watch every Harry Potter film – I, uh. I haven’t seen any yet.
  99. unlikely to happen soon due to expense, but I will at least start saving for it all

  100. Get top surgery – Also research doctors who will do it with informed consent because fuck all if I’m getting counselling to remove something which has been bothering me for 12+ years. I’ll get counselling if I have no other choice but I consider the very idea to be incredibly patronising and demeaning.
  101. Move to Europe – At the very least I want to visit Ireland or the UK.
  102. Get dual citizenship – presuming this is possible wherever I end up. The ‘dual’ part should be fairly easy but getting ‘citizenship’ anywhere in under three years is… unlikely.
  103. Get a motorcycle
  104. Buy a kilt
  105. Build a capsule wardrobe
  106. Get a solar power generator
  107. Get a scroll saw and learn to do scroll saw work
  108. Get a tattoo