Because why not.

  • I haven’t really been counting how many different types of meals i’ve cooked, but i have been cooking since going vegetarian. AND ENJOYING IT. what.
    I even developed my own vegan whole-wheat soda bread recipe when i couldn’t find one i liked elsewhere. Gettin’ all creative here.
  • It somehow just occurred to me i say i ‘eat healthy’ and ‘don’t eat healthy’ in two (adjacent) items in the original 101 in 1001 list, ha. I definitely eat healthy-er now but i’ve no idea if what i eat could be called a ‘balanced diet’ because i still haven’t started the food-tracking goal.
  • I am not only still vegetarian, i fully plan on cutting dairy and eggs as well (as it is, the only dairy i eat is in processed food where dairy’s an ingredient – i buy vegan milk if i buy milk at all), and… i don’t plan on making an exception for haggis any more. Somehow in just a few months i’ve reached the point where the mere idea of eating meat, even meat i used to love, is bizarre-bordering-on-disgusting. Like i don’t even acknowledge it as an edible thing any more. (I was pretty sad when i first realised this, because i love haggis, but vegetarian haggis exists! …so now i just need to get and/or learn to make it.)
  • Somehow i’m learning Esperanto even though i consider Welsh a bigger language priority. Eh. Esperanto is easier though, and it’s easier to learn new languages once you’ve already got a few under your belt.
  • I love screen printing. I mean I. LOVE. SCREEN. PRINTING. I’m doing this update as an impatient-time-killer while waiting for more equipment to come in because i (maybe) damaged my cheap screen so i ordered stuff to maybe-repair it, which will come in useful eventually whether it works or not, and a new screen unit (which is mounted on a hinge to make a sort of cheap press so i won’t need to worry about movement as much and which is therefore awesome regardless of whether the old screen is repairable or not. In fact if the old screen is repairable i’m drilling holes in it so i can use it with the press-thing.)
    Basically i haven’t been able to print in almost TWO WHOLE DAYS and the only thing keeping me from tearing the screens out of my windows is the low resolution and a few cat-scratch holes. I have a new cow design i want to play with and i don’t want to wait for FedEx.
  • I may revise ‘learn to make ear cuffs’ with ‘learn to make elf ears’. Same idea. Pretty shiny goes on my ears.
  • I have no idea if i’m actually going to finish the OBOD Druid Grade for reasons i have already prattled about on Bard in Progress. But stuff is still happening.

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