How I did it: I haven’t been a big meat-eater lately anyway so it was mostly just a matter of getting in the habit of checking the list of ingredients of *everything* for things like gelatin (relevant: vegan marshmallows exist) and not caving in to the occasional chilli craving (at least, not traditional chilli. Vegetarian… Read More

A Guide to Eating a Plant-Based Diet More vegan than vegetarian but there’s some useful stuff in here: a step-by-step guide to cutting non-plant foods, a list of good plant foods, some simple recipes……and a link to a post all about why eggs are very much not cruelty-free.I’m just going to pretend that’s not a… Read More

buying eggs just got more difficult

Went grocery shopping today and figured if there were going to be any moral reasons behind meatless eating (which, okay, moral reasons are at the bottom of my list, but they’re there), then I should probably aim for the (relatively-)cruelty-free eggs, so instead of just picking up the cheap brand I usually go for I… Read More

Food-Tracking: Done. I even tracked my tea consumption, which was kind of a bitch as i drink around seven cups of tea a day and being only about four calories a cup, there’s not much motivation to track. But i did. Apparently i don’t eat enough in general and my carb:protein ratio is way off.… Read More