Food-Tracking: Done. I even tracked my tea consumption, which was kind of a bitch as i drink around seven cups of tea a day and being only about four calories a cup, there’s not much motivation to track. But i did.
Apparently i don’t eat enough in general and my carb:protein ratio is way off. Fat intake was perfect, though. So apparently i just need to eat more protein. Bring on the meat!
(…which will also up my fat, but lower my carbs, and i think a goodly amount of my carbs came in the fattening-junk-food form, so if i actually eat less carbs due to being full up from protein, it’ll maybe balance out. I have no idea how nutritionists and the like keep from going insane.)

I worked on other stuff this week, too. Lots of other stuff. I did research on various things and started scripting ideas for my webcomic and worked on my novel.

I feel really distant from it all now, though… Suffice to say i had multiple tea-and-computer mishaps this week, culminating in a keyboard which refused to work (and the Getting of a Travel Mug, aka ‘sippy cup for grown-ups’). So Friday was spent ordering a new laptop keyboard and trying to convince local computer stores that yes a non-Apple USB keyboard will work with a Mac stop telling me it won’t before a Grizzly Old Computer Expert suggested pouring a bit of alcohol over the offending keyboard. And now everything works except my brain, which thinks it’s still supposed to be fixing stuff and has a particular type of ‘but why am i not applying a screwdriver to this problem?’ sort of ADHD.

random other stuff

  • A Rant About Women. But a nice ‘Ladies, you can kick way more ass than you actually do’ kind of rant.
  • Logitech has a wireless keyboard app for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Which i totally could have used three days ago. Yay timing.