Today’s DBM task is creating a bucket list.Does my 101 list count? Heh. It doesn’t really feel like there’s much Big Major Life stuff on there but giving it a review… there’s publishing a novel and finishing the Druid grade. And on my 101-in-1001-round-three-WIP list there’s ‘travel the world’ and ‘adopt a child’ (…wow, those… Read More

Due to the not insubstantial chance of losing power, i spent this morning getting done everything which required electricity and this afternoon having a Star Trek marathon to finish off the films: Insurrection, Nemesis, and the newest Star Trek film. I find it a bit implausible for the metaphasic radiation in Insurrection to have given… Read More

How I did it: Bought a copy of The Happy Hooker, did a few practice stitches, and then tried to make a fingerless glove.Emphasis on ‘tried’ because the first glove came out more like a mutilated oven mitt. But i found another pattern via Ravelry and it worked out much better. Now i have a… Read More

Troi gets drunk, Lily gets her first ray gun, and Data gets skin and flirts with a Borg. I ended up just listening to the last fifteen minutes of this on, because my disc copy is a bit fried. But i’ve seen it before so i don’t think i’m missing much (except maybe captions.… Read More