I kind of hate my current WiP. But that may be because i’ve worked on it to the point where i just can’t stand it and need a break. Said break apparently taking the form of mashing out a whole new novel :P (remainder cross-posted from my gendertumblr) …i’m gonna ramble about my NaNoWriMo main… Read More

Screnzy starts in a week and i have yet to decide what i’m actually writing :P I have a novel from a few NaNos ago which i think would be better as a film or graphic novel. And there’s the webcomic, for which i’ll have to do more scripts anyway – but a hundred pages?… Read More

I’ve done up to Week 5 in Pace and Kyeli’s 52 Weeks to Awesome course. Week 5 being ‘Introduction to Introspection’ – basically getting inside your own head and figuring out why your subconscious is messing with you. So i’ve spent most of the week tinkering around with things i’m having trouble with – like… Read More

I submitted the first chapter of Angels Unaware to Critique Circle for feedback. Crits thus far can be summed up as ‘Cut this, cut this, this is okay but not really necessary, cut this, and… okay, you just. um. have a tendency to overwrite in general.’ I imagine overwriting is a common problem amongst NaNoers.… Read More