I’ve done up to Week 5 in Pace and Kyeli’s 52 Weeks to Awesome course. Week 5 being ‘Introduction to Introspection’ – basically getting inside your own head and figuring out why your subconscious is messing with you.

So i’ve spent most of the week tinkering around with things i’m having trouble with – like my deep hatred of editing. Can’t exactly finish a novel without editing it, and it’s the thing i’ve gotten stuck on every time.

Discovery? I really like my stories.

‘Duh’ moment, and seemingly has nothing to do with my dislike of editing stories. Except i don’t like the first draft so much. I like the idea, i liked writing it, and now i just want the whole editing process to be done with so i can have my nice shiny story already.

Apparently the i just want the whole editing process to be done with bit is the only bit to have been bubbling up to a level of consciousness at which i actually notice it. Taken out of context, it’s very easy to mistake ‘i just want this to be done’ with ‘i just don’t want to do this any more.’

I wonder if editing will be any easier if i just start constantly reminding myself my ‘hatred’ of editing is really impatience‚Ķ

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