I still have pretty much no grasp on tarot cards as of yet, but i was watching some Bones last night and saw an episode including a psychic who used tarot cards. It was almost cool, except i knew the commonly accepted definitions behind at least half the cards shown on-screen and most of her… Read More

I’d normally have updated earlier (sticking with #98 on my 101 list, ‘update weekly’), but my internet has been pretty shoddy lately. It works, then it doesn’t, then it does. Still doesn’t properly work, but whatever. I’ll not let that stop me. Though it does mean any update will be random hodgepodge ‘everything i meant… Read More

I’m starting to plan my novel for National Novel Writing Month, aka “the greatest time of the year, evar.” NaNoWriMo is a crazy month of creative explosion followed by a month-long high of “wow, i did something totally impossible. It sucked, but i did it.” Christmas, by comparison, is a mere day of family and… Read More