Screnzy starts in a week and i have yet to decide what i’m actually writing :P

I have a novel from a few NaNos ago which i think would be better as a film or graphic novel.

And there’s the webcomic, for which i’ll have to do more scripts anyway – but a hundred pages? In one month? That’s probably going to end up as more than a year’s worth of comics. Seems a bit overkill.

I have an idea for an American Frost graphic novel, too, which i might post for sale or as a donor gift someday, but i want to spend some more time working on AF canon before i write it. So if i do anything AF, it’ll be the year+ of comic scripts.

Or i might do something entirely new and different, in which case i have no idea what i’m doing yet. Probably break out Tarot for Writers and my Russian tarot deck and just see what happens.

…eh. I think i’m leaning towards the massive amount of AF scripts. If i get bored of it i can always switch to the AF book.