Novel: Still hate editing. Still need to do it. Bah.I’m way behind where i want to be; i think i need to stop and figure out a better way to go about this. Moving: I’m working on starting up a handmade jewellery business, which doesn’t seem very moving-related but if it works, it’s a job… Read More

Screnzy starts in a week and i have yet to decide what i’m actually writing :P I have a novel from a few NaNos ago which i think would be better as a film or graphic novel. And there’s the webcomic, for which i’ll have to do more scripts anyway – but a hundred pages?… Read More

Several scripts are written and ready to draw and several more strips are in various stages of half-done. And i have the website now! Basically all i’ve done so far is install ComicPress and toss up the first comic so it’s not totally empty… so it still looks awful. But it’ll be nice and shiny by… Read More

Timing out how long it takes me to do a comic so i have some idea of how much i can do. This one’s kind of a crappy script but i wanted to time everything, including the writing. And, yeah, i should probably do a bunch of scripts and take an average, but i don’t… Read More