Novel: Still hate editing. Still need to do it. Bah.
I’m way behind where i want to be; i think i need to stop and figure out a better way to go about this.

Moving: I’m working on starting up a handmade jewellery business, which doesn’t seem very moving-related but if it works, it’s a job i’ll have regardless of where i live. I don’t expect full living-in-a-big-city income but anything helps.

Webcomic:Officially started. But i’m not marking it done until i reach twelve consecutive updates.

Two hundred sit-ups: Took the initial test on Sunday and reached an embarrassingly low twenty sit-ups. (I used to be able to do two hundred… bah.)

Researching adoption: Yup, still depressing.
In real-life adoption stories, a woman recently sent her adopted son back to Moscow with little more than a note explaining she didn’t want him any more. I could spend a long time ranting about this (as my mum, who has already been on the receiving end of quite a bit of ranting, can testify) but i really have nothing to say which isn’t already covered on multiple blogs by people who understand more about the situation than me.
In fictional adoption, i’m currently reading a train-wreck of a book which includes the cheerfully ludicrous line, ‘It’s not so hard to choose an adoptive family.’ (Lest anyone think the line is taken out of context, it’s said by a guy who is helping a rape victim choose a family for her son. Said birth mother clearly would prefer an open adoption, but in Badlyresearchedfictionland only closed adoptions exist. She’ll never see her kid, or meet his parents, or have anything to go on in making her choice but a few pages of dossier. It shouldn’t take a month of researching to realize there is nothing ‘not so hard’ about this situation.)