I kind of hate my current WiP. But that may be because i’ve worked on it to the point where i just can’t stand it and need a break.

Said break apparently taking the form of mashing out a whole new novel :P

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…i’m gonna ramble about my NaNoWriMo main character, because NNWM is my current obsession and it starts in just a few days and i am totally unprepared and AAAAHHH.

Soooo, my MC: this is the first time i’m intentionally writing a neutrois main character. It’s pretty easy to write binary characters because, well, everyone’s done it so that’s what i read. I’ve never read anything with a neutrois main character. Or even a neutrois human minor character. So i’m making one my damn self, as opposed to my normal butch-girl or femme-boy main characters.

And i’m having a hell of a time figuring out how i’m going to do this. I haven’t even decided if i want to write in third-person or first-person yet. I’m leaning towards first-person, just because the storyline seems it’ll work better that way, but then i have to find a way to make it clear MC is neutrois without being blatantly obvious about it or going into ‘as you already know, Fellow Character’ exposition.

Ah well. This is what editing is for.

In the meantime…

Main Character Info:

Name: Alex. Maybe. Alex is the best name i’ve come up for so far, but it was a name i was seriously considering taking for myself once, and i’m trying to make as few commonalities between the MC and myself so i don’t end up with a Mary Sue character. I like Phoenix, too, but it doesn’t seem a name the MC would willingly use. Maybe Jackie or Erin.

Occupation: Undecided. Zir twin’s a professor but Alex zirself has… um… issues with authority. Enough so i doubt zie would even manage to get a college degree, much less become a teacher. I’m leaning towards taxi driver.

Age: Two hundred twenty-one. Did i not yet mention this is a vampire story? (No. No sparklevamps. NO. Think less Stephanie Meyer, more Sergei Lukyanenko.)

Personality: The sort of person to try to overthrow the government with nothing but a ragtag team of werewolves and technomages.