Novel: Have pretty much dropped all together. I think i need to make a contest or something for myself to force myself to edit it. I’ve tried NaNoEdMo in the past and it never really worked for me… but i’m sure i can figure something out.

Moving: Right now i’m mostly focusing on the money issue. I finally sort-of started a beaded jewelry shop on Etsy (i say ‘sort-of’ because my weekend blew up and i only got around to listing one item. and i’m still working out the whole scheduling-my-own-business-around-my-day-job thing. meh.)

Webcomic: Fell off the update wagon a bit. Funny coincidence: the next strip was to be one on Yo’s hibernation patterns. So, yeah, my comic disappears for three weeks and then comes back on a girl who can’t stay awake long enough to do anything.

Happiness Project: Well, i’m still doing stuff with it, but i’ve finished my Month of Working on it Every Day.
I finished up the very-non-calendar-month on Wednesday.
On Friday the cockatiel i’ve had since i was twelve died.
Not very happy, that.
Especially since cockatiels are mad crazy social birds. And i have another cockatiel. And the other cockatiel spent twelve hours shrieking at the top of his lungs in search of his buddy.
I want to be all tearful and say no other bird can ever replace Neelix and Jean-Luc and i will just have to get along without him because it will be ages before i can even consider another bird. But screw that. Jean-Luc was lonely and Jean-Luc is vicious and there’s a difference between ‘total replacement’ and ‘having another gentle bird around’. So as of Saturday there is a shy, sweet, and otherwise non-vicious seven-month-old cockatiel in a cage next to Jean-Luc’s. And Jean-Luc is happy, or at least no longer shrieking from loneliness, and i am happy(ish), and Data the Cat is… well, he’s not happy, he’s actually quite jealous of all the attention baby Wesley is getting. But he’s a cat, he doesn’t do happy without at least an hour of worship to the cat-god involved. But basically everyone involved is much happier than we would be if i didn’t get another bird, so i guess it works out.

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