Novel: Have pretty much dropped all together. I think i need to make a contest or something for myself to force myself to edit it. I’ve tried NaNoEdMo in the past and it never really worked for me… but i’m sure i can figure something out. Moving: Right now i’m mostly focusing on the money… Read More

I am having an absurdly fun time working on my Happiness Project. I guess that’s kind of the point… Some randomness: Stuff which makes me Feel Good and stuff which makes me Feel Bad are more closely related than i previously realised. Odd. There is nothing like tracking the tag ‘happiness’ on Tumblr for random… Read More

yay happiness. In an effort to actually work on a Happiness Project every day, for a (very non-calendar) month, i’ve made a list of Happiness Project tasks to spread out over the next two weeks (day 15 is ‘Re-plan Happiness Project.’ Because i suck at planning things that far in advance, and besides it’s quite… Read More