‘Ps. I am so sorry and will be praying for u deaf people. Just remember god is there for u’ – From a review for sign language software Disclaimer: I am not (completely) deaf, and thus am not the best person to discuss how a Deaf person would feel about such statements. Nonetheless, I’ve never… Read More

Rage Against the Minivan: where is the mommy-war for the motherless child? This is the only mommy war I’ll wage. I’m confident that most mothers are doing the best that they can for their kids, even if their choices are different than mine. I think it’s ridiculous that so much energy is spent on debating… Read More

Iowa Gov. Nominates Catholic Priest For State Medical Board – putting aside the obvious pro-life political reasoning behind this: Why in hell is a priest on a board which is meant to be dedicated to medicine? It seems the best people for this job would be people who know a great deal about medicine – i.e.,… Read More

‘Pride’ is one of those annoying words which can have multiple connotations leading to entirely different understandings. ‘Gay Pride? Those gay people are proud of themselves? They think they’re better than us? I thought they were ‘born this way’! What’s for them to be so proud of? They clearly know it’s really a choice, and… Read More