Iowa Gov. Nominates Catholic Priest For State Medical Board – putting aside the obvious pro-life political reasoning behind this: Why in hell is a priest on a board which is meant to be dedicated to medicine? It seems the best people for this job would be people who know a great deal about medicine – i.e., doctors.
Apparently the medical board ‘generally includes seven physicians and three members of the public’ – I’m presuming Bognanno falls under the ‘member of the public’ end. But I would still prefer the non-physician members of such a board to at least have medical expertise, which Bognanno doesn’t seem to have.

Judge rules stand-your-ground law doesn’t apply to abused woman because she could have escaped her husband – even though Florida’s stand-your-ground law states you don’t have a duty to attempt escape before acting in self-defence.

Marriage equality activists have started collecting signatures in Ohio.

Obama finally gets around to saying he supports gay marriage. Took him bloody long enough.
There’s talk of this being more a political move than any sort of actual change in stance, though politically I don’t think it will actually do much. It’s been obvious from the start Obama is more pro-gay than any of his potential Republican opposition.