Rage Against the Minivan: where is the mommy-war for the motherless child?

This is the only mommy war I’ll wage. I’m confident that most mothers are doing the best that they can for their kids, even if their choices are different than mine. I think it’s ridiculous that so much energy is spent on debating largely inconsequential parenting decisions when so very little attention is given to the children who DON’T HAVE PARENTS. Why isn’t this causing outrage? Making magazine covers? Inciting ranty twitter posts?

Feministing: Richelle Carey asks why professional athletes are treated differently in domestic violence cases

Am I hating on Mayweather which is the common response when calling out an abusers behavior? No. Am I calling for protests? No. What I am calling out is all of us, asking when will a woman and her safety have more value in our society than money and fame. Isn’t she worth at least 69.95?