The Wild Hunt: Two Kinds of Witchcraft? Resisting Cynicism, False Dilemmas, and Moral Panics. The moment when “witch-hunts” over there come home to roost on our doorsteps is now. How Pagans react will be very important in how this issue plays out. We must resist at all costs the urge to fall into Howse’s trap… Read More

Wisconsin successfully stops Planned Parenthood from performing medical abortions. Oh, I mean, Wisconsin successfully makes its citizens healthier by making it impossibly difficult for them to take one pill which temporarily alters their hormone levels. No, wait. I think I was right the first time. How much do SCI Cresson prison wardens care about prisoner’s… Read More

The Declassified Adoptee: “Being Adopted Can be Hard” is a Complete Sentence Saying “being adopted can be hard” does not mean I left off the phrase “…so I wish I never was and think no one should ever be and think kids should just stay in orphanages/foster care.” When I say that, I imply nothing… Read More

There are people who willingly label themselves as part of a group: straight, gay, queer, white, POC, multiracial, etc. There are people who, when asked how they identify, casually say they don’t use labels. Or perhaps, they understand the use of labels but think we’d all be better off without them. Then there are people… Read More