Wisconsin successfully stops Planned Parenthood from performing medical abortions. Oh, I mean, Wisconsin successfully makes its citizens healthier by making it impossibly difficult for them to take one pill which temporarily alters their hormone levels.
No, wait. I think I was right the first time.

How much do SCI Cresson prison wardens care about prisoner’s lives? “When Everard told the manager of the ward that McClellan seemed suicidal, Everard says she brushed him off, saying of the impulse to commit suicide, ‘If he’s going to act on it, he’s going to act on it.'”
For reference, the McClellan referenced was currently in prison for impersonating a police officer and stealing less than $200; apparently, this was enough to make his life completely worthless.

Remember last week, when conservative US Catholics were calling nuns liberal radical feminists for agreeing with the average Catholic woman? Meanwhile, in Israel, Conservative Jews are now allowing gay and lesbian rabbis.

The EEOC has ruled gender-identity discrimination constitutes sex discrimination, specifically in regards to Title VII, which means firing or refusing to hire a trans* person based on their gender has gone from “illegal in sixteen states” to “illegal in the whole United States” overnight.

Florida Governor Scott has enough money to fund CPCs – even ones dispensing inaccurate information – but not enough to fund rape crisis centres.