The Wild Hunt: Two Kinds of Witchcraft? Resisting Cynicism, False Dilemmas, and Moral Panics.

The moment when “witch-hunts” over there come home to roost on our doorsteps is now. How Pagans react will be very important in how this issue plays out. We must resist at all costs the urge to fall into Howse’s trap and create a “two kinds of witchcraft” split on ethnic lines, and instead build a response that holds fear-mongering churches and writers responsible while creating new coalitions between Pagans and practitioners of African diasporic and traditional faiths. We must not let moral panics break out against adherents of Santeria, Palo, Vodou, or smaller groups, while we try to pretend there’s no connections or overlap between these traditions and modern Pagan faiths. The response to fear and growing hysteria is not to bury our heads, or isolate ourselves, but to show that we won’t sit quietly in the corner while our spiritual cousins are demonized, hoping they won’t turn their attention to us.

Universal Life Church Ministry Blog: Give Back the Rainbow! – Satire, but Poe’s Law being what it is, there are people who really think like this.

As the Biblical book of Genesis states, God created the rainbow as a promise of peace after wiping out the majority of life on Earth with a Great Flood–therefore it belongs to Christians, not Jews or homosexuals, even though this is a pre-Christian, Hebrew story borrowed by Christians many centuries later. So, homosexuals should give the rainbow back to Christians because the homosexuals stole it from the Christians, and it doesn’t matter that the Christians themselves stole it from the Hebrews. You see, stealing is wrong when gays do it, but not when Christians do it.

A Witch Boy and his Kitchen: Celebrating Beltane as an Asexual Pagan – A bit late for this Beltane, but might be useful for a few aces to keep for next year.

So, when the Beltane posts started popping up on Tumblr, I began to feel troubled. How, as a repulsed ace, was I to celebrate one of the biggest holidays of my year? How were other ace Pagans dealing with it? Cake? Oh sure, we’ll always have cake!