Those of us who believe the universe was created by some divine force can all agree the Creator is, well, creative, right? How about nurturing? Zie’s at least guided things along a bit, which is more than a neglectful Divinity would. Having a knowledge of hidden things, another given. The ordering of the solar system… Read More

The Wild Hunt: Two Kinds of Witchcraft? Resisting Cynicism, False Dilemmas, and Moral Panics. The moment when “witch-hunts” over there come home to roost on our doorsteps is now. How Pagans react will be very important in how this issue plays out. We must resist at all costs the urge to fall into Howse’s trap… Read More

Speaker Boehner has recently appointed Dr. Robert George to the US Commission for International Religious Freedom. Dr. Robert George is a former chairman of the National Organization of Marriage – an anti-gay Christian organisation. He also helped draft the Manhattan Declaration. I sense a conflict of interest here. Now, a Christian on the Commission for… Read More

It’s weird, but spending a week reading about neo-pagan beliefs and holidays seems to have given me a greater appreciation for the Christian holiday of Christmas. In most pagan religions, Yule is a celebration that the shortest day of the year is over and done with and the days will begin to grow longer. Sometimes… Read More