I think i’ve gotten through ‘researching adoption’ as far as i can at the moment, considering it’ll be years before i’m actually ready for a kid… oh, and i’d like to move, hopefully to Ireland but at any rate Very Far Away from the Valley, and preferably before trying to adopt (yeah, take a kid who’s already been removed from one home, barely let him get settled in, and then move out of the country. That won’t cause trauma. None at all.)

So most applicable laws will probably change, either through the simple changes of time (i’m thinking it’s going to be at least five years before i’m ready to deal with having a kid) or location (the Hague Convention should keep that aspect from having too much influence, but there’ll probably still be some differences).

But i’ve done as much research as i can this far in advance, and i’ve subscribed to at least thirty adoption blogs. Between the lot of them any major law changes are bound to be mentioned; plus this way i get to better notice all the ups and downs of kids, and social work, and kids traumatised by (social work/first families/foster care/orphanages/Disney films/and all the other potential triggers i’m forgetting about right now), and even more varieties of adoption trolls (including the Well-Meaning Religious Troll – that’s, um. Really one i did not expect.)

I think i can count ‘research adoption’ as ‘done’, then, as it’s as done as it’s going to get without a good dose of personal experience.

random other stuff

  • My cousin had a kid this weekend. Or, rather, his girlfriend had a kid… but yay! Children! *digs out knitting supplies*
  • Not technically religious trolling, but it does tie in with some of the major reasons i’m not fond of organised religion… the remaining reasons usually attributable to religious trolls.

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