My original plan was to do this year’s NaNoWriMo, take a brief clear-my-mind-from-transdimensional-travel-writing break, and then choose from this and all my previous NaNos the perfect one to spend a few more months whipping into shape through copious editing.

I’m… still planning on finishing this year’s NaNo. Because i have been doing this every year since 2004, dammit; i’m not going to start losing now. But i can guarantee this one will not be amongst the novels i flip through in deciding what to edit.

Because i’m an idiot, and decided to do Young Adult novel this year. I did a Young Adult novel once before. It was called The Lost Prophecy of the Psychics and yes, the story was just as godawful as the title. Worse, actually. In fact, i changed the title specifically because the story simply couldn’t be left with an even remotely decent title. It was just too horrible. Apparently, i didn’t learn my lesson about writing YA.

I think i’m going to edit Angels Unaware – it’s my favourite novel thus far. The subplot has some wretched science in it but nothing quite as bad as the new Star Trek’s red matter. My alternatives are StarElf (accidentally deleted ages ago and i really don’t plan on trying to reconstruct it from memory), The Lost Prophecy of the Psychics (oh god no), The Insane (okay, but not my type. I don’t want to even read it again, much less spend months editing it), or Harold the Third, which is actually pretty good and may very well get done instead of Angels Unaware … well, whatever. Ten more days of writing Dragon Realm before i have to decide for sure.

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