Granted, it was my smallest loan of them all. Like, $30-a-month small. But that’s an extra $30 a month i don’t have to pay now.

I could probably pay off Loan #2 now, too, but i’d only have about $600 left in my bank account. I don’t need to buy anything major right now but i like keeping enough on hand to replace Important Stuff if, say, my house explodes.

My current moving-out-of-the-Valley plan* is to wait until i’m completely out of debt. I don’t like this plan because it means i could very well be living here until i’m thirty. And i don’t like the Valley enough to stay here until i’m thirty. I don’t like the Valley enough to stay here until next week, to be quite honest, but i also don’t want to make any large unnecessary purchases until i’m out of debt and that includes adding big-city-rent to my monthly bills. Maybe this will encourage me to get a second job and/or properly apply myself to any of my other money-making stuff.

* the details of my moving-out-of-the-Valley plan, including where, when, and how, change about once a month. So this is no guarantee whatsoever of actually following through.

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