Apparently i’ll have quite a bit of trouble spending a whole week reading about a religion as poorly documented as the Druids. But there is a religion of Neo-Druidism, yay! But only loosely (and in at least a few areas, incorrectly) based on original Druidism, boo. But it’s a part of Neo-Paganism, which is interesting enough to read a whole week on in its own right, yay!

This is what happens when someone with ADHD needs to choose a new reading topic.

So i read a bit about the original Druidry, though i know almost nothing about Paganism in general thus far, except that it is far more accepting of other religions than many forms of Christianity (there are Christians who actually accept other religions, but…)

Random interesting fact: The Druids, mostly known for human sacrifice, were strong believers in reincarnation – which kind of puts a whole different spin on it. Not enough a spin for me to think human sacrifice is a good idea, of course… But shunning or excommunication seemed to be regarded as a worse punishment than execution. You get executed (or sacrificed), you spend a little time with the gods and then pop back down to Earth. Hurts a bit, and you have to start life over, but it’s not like the Hindu version of reincarnation where a criminal might find himself in a rat body. Shunning left you trapped in your body. With no friends. And not allowed to any of the cool parties.