I’d like to just take an online course. In part because there’s only two schools i know of around here which offer Russian: my old high school and a uni in Scranton. I doubt my old high school really wants me crashing classes still and it’s really not practical for me to go to Scranton two or three times a week. Meh.

But it’s difficult to choose an online course too, in part because i definitely know far more than could be considered ‘beginner’ but (due to lack of practice if nothing else) am not really comfortable taking an ‘intermediate’ course.

What i need is an online self-paced class which includes a placement exam so i know where to start :P

random other stuff

  • i seem to have officially failed in the update-my-blog-once-a-week goal. First official failure, WOOHOO! (see? i really am enthusiastic about my failures. It means i tried. It means i ain’t no wussy. And in this case it also means i no longer need to stress out if it’s Day 7 and i have nothing to say, cause whatever, i already failed the whole every week thing.)

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