Water-only for 19 hours, and tea-only for five hours before that, so i guess this counts as a successful twenty-four-hour detox.

Cushioned on one side by a ‘last meal’ of ice cream and on the other, a ‘first meal’ of pizza. I don’t normally eat so unhealthy and it seems extra-odd to put a water fast in the middle of that.

And i have been properly scolded for this; as part of my Tarot-learning attempt, i’ve been doing a little reading every morning. Today i focused on ‘cleansing my body’ and used a ‘situation focus-possible solution-inspiration’ spread.

Seven of Cups (‘um. you can’t just grab any “healthy” idea you like and run with it and expect it to work all by itself. you idiot.’), Four of Swords (‘foooocuuuus. hey! adhd-head! yeah. seriously, you need to focus on eating better, start working out again, that sort of thing.’), and Three of Clubs (‘oh, four of swords told you to put in some actual effort, and you come crying to me for sympathy? go find a guy who went bungee-jumping without a cord and ask him how he feels about lack of preparation.’)

All that said, i’m still planning on doing this again, in six months’ time, but i think it will be padded out by mini-fasts of the ‘fruit and juice’ variety, instead of ice cream and pizza.