At some point during NaNoWriMo i heard of Tarot for Writers, which uses tarot cards to brainstorm character personalities and plot outlines. I’ve been lusting after it ever since and finally gave in and downloaded the Kindle version last night and have been drawing cards for my novel characters (especially the borderline random and unrealistic… Read More

dragged over from my art blog… Been kind of slacking in the art department lately – working on bits and pieces of various stuff has been no problem, but actually finishing anything… yeah. I haven’t done anything traditional in a while, either. Forgot how much i love pen drawings. So, for the Illustration Friday theme… Read More

Water-only for 19 hours, and tea-only for five hours before that, so i guess this counts as a successful twenty-four-hour detox. Cushioned on one side by a ‘last meal’ of ice cream and on the other, a ‘first meal’ of pizza. I don’t normally eat so unhealthy and it seems extra-odd to put a water… Read More

I still have pretty much no grasp on tarot cards as of yet, but i was watching some Bones last night and saw an episode including a psychic who used tarot cards. It was almost cool, except i knew the commonly accepted definitions behind at least half the cards shown on-screen and most of her… Read More