My plan is to do a detox twice a year, so obviously i need some sort of detox system which i can actually stick with that often. And which will not kill me in the process, which i’m pretty sure some of those detox systems are secretly designed to do‚Ķ

Anyway, poking around a bit, there are a few really basic detoxes (only water for one day or only fruit for three days, etc.) and some mildly insane detoxes which i somehow doubt actually work any better. At any rate i think i could follow a water-only detox easier than any other; no making sure i have the proper food beforehand or ‘oops i thought i’d be allowed this but now looking at the list of ingredients‚Ķ’ Just water. Easy.

Well, easy except for the ravenous appetite i inherited from the Italian side of my family. Still, i think i can last one day. Sunday, i detox!

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