It’s NaNoWriMo 2011! (and has been for a week i am slow to blog when i am busy novelling okay)
and seriously
i’m going to edit this one
even though i didn’t edit the last seven
this time
for real

(Actually i think i have finally figured out a writing groove which works for me. So i may very well have something capable of being edited once this is all done. As opposed to all the other rubbish-bits of the past seven years.)

Completely unrelated: i finally got ‘round to reading The Shining, even though i don’t like Stephen King’s writing style, mainly because i do like horror and it’s a Horror Classic and thus must be read eventually.
It actually has a really good plot (much better than Cujo at any rate) but i still don’t like King’s writing style.
Reminds me of the moment in my Lit of Evil class when Collins made sure to tell us he’d heard King reads Elements of Style at least once a year, yet we never read any King stories in Lit of Evil. I strongly suspect it’s because his plots are catchy and his grammar is perfect but his writing is otherwise meh.
Also how the hell did Grady not accidentally… do the same thing Jack accidentally did. /am trying to avoid spoilers/ It seems in the process of hatchet-murdering he’d have forgotten the same thing Jack forgot with similar results.