in which Spock has a bearded brother of dangerous morals, the goddamn ship navigator and helmsman manage to get hopelessly lost while hiking, Uhura does a striptease, and Spock out-badasses a Klingon. also what the hell, the captions on this DVD refer to the marshmallow as a marshmallowitbut noAWKWARD VULCAN SAY MARSHMELON See more progress… Read More

Otherwise known as ‘my favourite Star Trek film ever’. This one even starts off with cheerful music. Tryin’ to get us all in a good mood after the despair and devastation of the last two. Also: I love cursing Spock. Also SAREK TOTALLY SMILED WHEN KIRK WAS GIVEN COMMAND OF A STARSHIPlike a little Vulcan… Read More

favourite bit of acting: the look on Scott’s face when he’s reassigned to Excelsiorhe is clearly thinking ‘I have started barroom brawls with Klingons over far less, Admiral, do. not. take. my. Enterprise.’roughly the same look as when the Excelsior captain brags about how they’re going to break Enterprise’s speed recordspolite smile and grit teeth… Read More

This is the Trek film for lit nerds. Moby Dick meets A Tale of Two Cities and they are not shy about the parallels between the books and the film. Majel Barret is not the computer voice in this one. I find the lack of Majel… disconcerting. She just is the computer. Also: never before… Read More