i’m reading a book on marketing and it has exercises along the lines of converting customers.

right now my long-term conversion part of the exercise is as follows:

Five long-term conversion goals

  • dude
  • what
  • i don’t even know what i’ll be doing long-term

…yeah. I have discovered i am Not Good at working on the same project for too long. Somewhere around the three-month mark i reach a point where i’d rather throw the whole thing out and start over than work on it for one more day.

This is great if i have a cool project i can finish in three months, because i spend those three months (…or at least the first two…) being very excited about it and working on it constantly. It’s not so great for, say, novels, which i can write in under three months but which take so long to edit i eventually reach a state of THIS NOVEL IS RUBBISH, I SHALL START OVER. That’s, um. That’s not really a good way to finish anything.

Seriously considering figuring out a wild writing schedule which will allow me to outline, write, edit, and publish in three months. Really i need to at the very least get in the habit of editing-while-writing. I never do that during NaNoWriMo because it slows me down too much but if i’m taking three months to write a novel, i can write slower. And if i edit-while-writing the first draft may actually be decent enough to avoid the massive chunks of desperate speed-writing which make editing a horrid nightmare.


this was meant to be a random entry about multiple things and now it’s all novel. okay.

  • I’ve completely let my Starfleet club membership slack, so i’ll have to restart that if i have any hope of doing any Starfleet Academy stuff. Oops.
  • My current moving plans require paying off my student loans first. My current student loan budget plan looks to actually finish up six months after my 1001 days are up. Also i don’t think i’ll be moving to Philly. Maybe Chicago.
  • I may not be going on an oversea volunteer trip either. Because a) money all going to student loans and b) an awful lot of those are glorified poverty-porn. So it now depends on whether i can find one where i would be really helping instead of just making myself feel good.
  • I kind of killed my webcomic.
  • I am practicing my bodhrán! Every day. Yay!
  • Screw singing lessons, i just want to get to a good level with my speaking voice right now.
  • I don’t even want an artist rep any more.
  • I’m planning on getting rid of most of my dead-tree books, because i have literally reached the point where i can’t find most of them because there are too many other books burying them. (I have also come to the conclusion most of the people who complain that e-readers aren’t REAL books and REAL books are BETTER don’t actually read much. I ran out of shelf space over a year ago and started stacking stuff on the floor. Extra hard drive space handles more books in less physical space. w00t.) Anyway. So. Motivation for bookcrossing.
  • Screw the Irenari cosplay, too. I have a totally different OC to cosplay. Who i still need to design anyway, but whatever.

THERE. big massive 101 update.
I think i made my last 101 list in too much of a hurry, i didn’t plan anything out and as such there’s no way i can even afford to do all of it (even without student loanstuff) and quite a bit of it i don’t actually want to do and am not going to do simply to check it off a list. I’ve been working on my next 101 list, though, and already have over 101 items, so when i actually switch over to it next year i’ll be narrowing it down to stuff i honestly want to do instead of flinging things on at random like my last one.