if xkcd says it's good, it's good enough for me.

Turns out it’s kind of tough to decide on a programming language to learn. I don’t want to learn just one – i want to learn Python, Perl, and PHP at the very least, and probably in the future some variety of C.

I know a bit of Perl and PHP already, but for the purposes of learning one new language at some point in the next two years, i think i’m going to go with Python for now. It’s supposed to be ridiculously easy to learn, and the whole reason i already know any Perl and PHP is because they keep popping up in personal projects.

Logically i should be reasoning ‘since i keep using them, they are obviously useful to me and i should learn to use them properly’, but i’ve got the feeling everything i haven’t learned yet is stuff i only don’t know because i consider it boring or useless or over-complicated. I know there will be boring, complex and seemingly useless bits in pretty much any programming language, but at least if i’m starting from scratch i’ll be learning the interesting bits alongside the boring bits.

random other stuff:

  • Tarot Dame crocheted an awesome little bag for one of her decks. I kind of want one but there’s no yarn in the world which will actually look proper with my Russian tarot :P Maybe some of those scraps of faux leather i have lying around…
  • Ever wonder why people who seem to be total idiots make tons of money? There’s a Salary Theorem for that…