I’m starting to go by ‘Shashi’ more regularly.

which means i kind of want all my accounts to say ‘Shashi’ instead of ‘Sharon’.

which means i’m seriously considering restarting all my accounts which still say ‘Sharon’. Including my 43T account, because, well, the URL still says Sharon…
even though i only started said account about a year ago.


this is why i started using my real name to create accounts to begin with. ‘I am sick of having a pile of different usernames depending on what i thought was cool at the time i created an account. i’ll just start using my real name, haha, when will that ever change.’

I mean, i’ve only wanted a more gender-neutral name for the last three years. Clearly i will never actually get around to changing it.
I’m still kind of nervous i’ll get new everything set up as Shashi and then change my mind again. So i’m being extra annoying slow about this. But it’s reaching the point where it’s kind of weird to see or hear myself referenced as ‘Sharon’.
‘Change my name’ is definitely going on my next 101 list. Inclusive of both legal change and change on all accounts everywhere.