I’ve mostly given up on this, for now, as i have too many other little projects taking up all my mental energy. But! I nonetheless managed to have a wee bit of lucidity last night/this morning. And it was totally awesome and very much confirmed this is something i want to be able to do on a regular basis.

…actually, it was kind of lame, as far as lucid dreams go. Basically i realised i was dreaming and mildly freaked out: ‘Wait. This is weird. Like not-quite-possible weird. Am i dreaming? Whoah, yeah, i’m dreaming. Okay. Okay! Whoah. Don’t panic. Panic means i wake up. Um. Um. Um. Okay. But i can’t just keep doing what i’m doing ‘cause then i’ll forget i’m dreaming. Um. Okay. Do something… dreamy. Something dreamy, something dreamy… okay… let’s try flyiOHMYGOD!’
Aaaand of course i (almost) immediately lost all sense of sight (i kept vision long enough to see my bike, which i’d been riding a moment previous, explode. w00t.) and thus was literally flying blind. But i could still feel the little stomach-tingling sense of moving crazy fast. ‘Oooh. I wanna try a flip!’ FLIP. Yeeeesss.

Lasted less than a minute before i woke up but still. Awesomesauce.