Normal life as of now includes me being self-employed.
Normal life every October includes me trying to plan a novel.
I should not be trying to learn a new skill at the same time, but hey. Evernote is having a knit-along – crocheters allowed as well – and ‘learn to crochet’ is on my 101 list. And one of the crochet patterns is a pair of fingerless gloves which look like great my-writing-room-is-cold-but-I-still-need-free-fingers-to-type gear.

I’m also (as of the time I signed up) one of maybe three out of 40+ people in this who is not a woman. And my current knitting WIP is a sparkly pink scarf for my teenage sister. So when this is all done I may need to go out and start the 30 Days to a Better Man challenge or something. Not that I feel a need to prove my uber-butchness but really this kid’s scarf looks like something Pinkie Pie would vomit up, I clearly need to balance it out a bit.